Red Grape Varieties

Fruit of years of experimentation and constant innovation, recovering indigenous varieties that had been lost and attention to new consumer tendencies, the DO Penedès offers an exquisite range of quality red wines. A luxury for the senses....

The red wines of the Penedès improve with the passage of time if kept in the appropriate conditions (protected from light, smells and vibrations and at a constant temperature not above 15°C).

Depending on the vintage and the grape variety, they should evolve well for 4-5 years. At the table, a reserva, or simply just a good Penedès red is best matched to red meats and roasts. For more aromatic reds, white meats and blue cheeses make an ideal pairing.




A traditional Mediterranean variety which can be found in the warmer region of the Lower Penedès. Often present in the fruity rosé wines of the Penedès, it produces wines with very good alcohol content and body, suitable for ageing in oak.


An oriental variety, particularly well adapted to the Mediterranean. Sensitive to draught and of a very low production, it produces wines with a lot of body, intense colour, good alcohol content and with a light aroma of violets.


Typical Mediterranean variety which has acclimatised well in the Central and Upper Penedes. The wines are of a deep colour and require a long period of ageing or blending with fruity wines.


This is found in the Central Penedes and is used for making varietal, aromatic and young wines. The wines it produces are full bodied and tannic , and also blending well with others.

Pinot NoirPinot Noir

A traditional variety which has shown a great capacity for acclimatisation in the Penedes. It gives excellent aroma and is well suited to ageing.

Cabernet SauvignonCabernet Sauvignon

The wines from this grape are of an intense colour, demonstrating a distinctive character and class compared to other red varieties. Its aromas become more complex with ageing, and exhibit notes of smoke, cedar and truffles. A variety which is cultivated in the Central and Upper Penedes.


One of the traditional red varieties that is cultivated in the Baix Penedès. It produces wines of character, rich in pigments and extract that benefits from ageing in oak barrels, and maturing in the bottle. Known in France as Carignan.

Ull de LlebreUll de Llebre

Wines made from this variety have good alcohol content, with moderate fruity acidity and good aromatic perspective. A traditional variety which is found in the Lower and Central Penedes.