The Land & Climate

The land and the vineyards know neither geographical nor political divisions. The Penedès region is wide and open, covering a long strip of land between the sea and the mountains, half-way between Barcelona and Tarragona.


In the heart of the inland Catalan depression, between the inland mountains and the small plains of the mediterranean coast, you’ll find the Penedès vineyards. The DO is made up of three distinct zones: The Penedès Superior (near the inland mountain range), The Penedès Marítim (between the sea and the coastal hills) and the plain between these areas, known as the Penedès Central.


The Penedès enjoys a wide variety of micro-climates, marked by the different altitudes and the proximity of the sea. The climate is typically Mediterranean, mild and warm. The Penedès Marítim (Baix Penedès and Garraf counties) is milder due to the proximity of the sea. The Penedès Superior (Alt Penedès, Alt Camp, Anoia and Baix Llobregat counties) has higher rainfall and larger contrasts between maximum and minimum temperatures. The Penedès Central (made up mostly of the Alt Penedès county) is a mixture of the two microclimates.


The diversity of the DO Penedès' wines is based on the singularity of the region. A thousand tastes, aromas, bodies and structures... are the result of these differences in climate, territory and the variety of the soils that make up the region, marked by the green of the hills and valleys or the blue of the Mediterranean.

month temp. ºC rainfall mm
January 7,70 36,9
February 8,80 25,9
March 10,63 37,6
April 12,61 42,6
May 16,11 47,4
June 19,77 36,1
July 22,90 18,1
August 22,80 47,1
September 20,11 67,6
Octuber 16,10 70,4
November 11,32 51,6
December 8,35 44,8