How to preserve an open bottle of Penedès

How to preserve an open bottle of Penedès

After a couple of days, any wine starts losing quality until it spoils altogether. What should we bear in mind to maintain the quality of Penedès wine once opened for as long as possible? Here are some basic secrets:

- Cold can double the storage time, so even if it is a red wine, - oddly, more delicate than a white or rosé - it should be stored in the refrigerator.

- The main problem for wine is oxidation, which makes a wine lose its fresh aromas until it completely spoils, so it is essential to close the bottle. However, there will still be oxygen inside, so the fuller the bottle the less the wine will spoil.

- You can find manual vacuum pumps (between 6 and 25 €) with sealed caps to remove the air from the bottle that can help preserve the wine up to ten or fifteen days.

- For sparkling wines, it is important to avoid them going flat. There are double action pumps that can inject air under pressure to close the bottle and keep the bubbles. However this accelerates oxidation and so the wine does not last much more than two days.

- Finally, sweet wines last much longer. Either because they are already oxidized (vi ranci), or because their sugar and higher alcohol content are natural preservatives.